Service Day

By Soo Min Park 21', Staff Writer, March 18, 2019 

On March 8, 2019, the GCFS community went to the Gongdeok Elderly Center for Service Day to help the elderly enjoy their day and give them a cleaner environment. This was the second year GCFS went to the Gongdeok Elderly to serve them. Right before departure, Pastor Inho first gave a brief message on what it means to serve others with love. He explained that when serving others, one must do it with the thought of ‘helping’ others, instead of doing it ‘for’ yourself. The message given by Pastor Inho really touched me, since in the past, I only took part in community service activities, just for fun since my friends were going, or because it was necessary. I didn’t really serve for the sake of others, so I was able to relate to the message from Pastor Inho, and I felt touched from listening to it.

Now, with this message fresh in mind, the students greeted the elderly with warm smiles. GCFS prepared a few performances for the elderly. Elementary students performed a dance and played the ukulele. Then, the Drama Club, including me, performed a skit about love. It was great seeing the elderly enjoy our performances, and I also had fun, both watching and performing. 

After the warm welcoming, the students were separated into groups. Elementary students colored fans with the elderly and read them a children’s book. While the elementary students gave enjoyment to the elderly, secondary students took up different cleaning tasks. They helped clean windows, walls, and raked leaves outdoors. As the day ended, the students, thinking of Pastor Inho’s message, left after spreading love. I, as the day ended, felt very tired since I had to clean a wall from one end to the other. However, I think this day was a really good experience, both for the elderly and for us. I was able to help the center and the elderly, and the elderly were able to receive love from us.


Sweet Valentine's Day

By Soo Min Park 21', Staff Writer, February 23, 2019 

On a sweet Thursday, February 14, 2019, GCFS students were encouraged to be more intentional about showing love in light of Valentine's Day. 

Such actions were first of all, more encouraged by a funny, but heartwarming story during chapel time on Monday. Ms. Song, our vice-principal, shared her story of how she showed her love to her brother by saying ‘I love you’. When her brother responded to her sentiment with 'Thank you,' she soon began to think of ways that she could get him to say the same three words that she wanted to hear. She told us that from then on, she started saying to her brother, 'I love you. Say it back!' After the laughter died down, Ms. Song mentioned that there are many ways for us to show love to each other, and she encouraged the students to be more intentional about showing love that week. 

On Thursday, every student, during their homeroom, wrote down the ways they wanted to show their love. The students wrote down many ideas such as sharing, helping each other, etc. These ideas were then posted up by the 1st floor window, close to the entrance, on the ‘Love is…’ wall. The students, then, took action, showing great love to each other.