Captain Marvel Review

By Brian Lee 22', Staff Writer, April 3, 2019  

       The new movie installed to the MCU called “Captain Marvel” is a banger already with estimated box office sales of $910,298,835. The movie focuses on women empowerment and humanism, which are both political issues that people around the world are protesting about. It has inspired many women and girls to be strong and remember what their role is as a female. It got my attention because it was a Marvel Movie, and it's the first ever female-led movie in MCU history. 

       When the opening introduction rolled in, I was saddened by the death of Stan Lee, the creator and co-founder of Marvel, which was a tribute to him and the 10th anniversary of the MCU. I loved the cat named Goose because he’s not just an ordinary cat. I won’t say much about him in case you haven’t watched the movie yet, but just keep an eye out for him. The movie hit my heart hard because of the message about the definition and meaning of being a woman and the hardship they had to go through. It reminded of the song “Dear Mama” by 2Pac and I also liked the selection of 90s music with songs such as “Waterfall” by TLC and “Just a Girl” by No Doubt. Overall I give this movie a rating of 7.5/10 because of Brie Larson’s performance as Captain Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson’s humor. If you’re a Marvel fan and haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend that you watch it before “Avengers Endgame.”


Interview with Service Day Participants

Mohannad Al Hashimi, a member of the GCFS Tribune writing staff, sought out several members of the GCFS community to conduct an interview regarding Service Day. 

GCFS Tribune: What do you think about Service Day? 

Mr. Jankunas: I believe that it serves as a great opportunity to help out in the community and work together as a school. It was really encouraging to see the wonderful stage production that the elementary was able to put on for the elderly. Just the fact that our school was able to work to better the lives of others was heartwarming. 

GCFS Tribune: What was the most memorable moment of Service Day? 

Mr. Jankunas: The most memorable part of Service Day was raking the leaves in the common park for the elderly. Though we weren’t able to the completely finish the job due to a lack of time, it felt great to do some work. Some hard, hard labor. 

GCFS Tribune: Would you go back to help out on your leisurely time? 

Mr. Jankunas: Though the elderly center is far away, I would love to organize a group of people to go back and help. I feel like our company at the the center really put a smile on the old folks’ faces. 

GCFS Tribune:  What was the most memorable part of Service Day? 

Rijan (6th Grade): The most memorable part of Service Day was talking to the elders and making crafts with them. I was happy to see them laugh and feel joy.

Grace (6th Grade): The most memorable part was going on stage to perform musical instruments. Singing really helped us build our energy and the elderly was able to have fun and sing along. It encouraged us to perform better! 

Samuel (7th Grade): It was very heartwarming to see the elderlies’ faces watching the performances of the Elementary schoolers. It was really powerful. 

Kid Cudi

By Brian Lee 22', Staff Writer, February 17, 2019  

        Scott Messiah, also known as Kid Cudi, is one of the most influential artists of the decade. He was born on July 30th, 1984 in Cleveland, Ohio and is known for his hits like Day N Nite, Mr. Rager, Erase Me, Pursuit of Happiness, and Up Up and Away. He has inspired many teenagers who are depressed or lonely. He has also influenced a lot of artists, such as Drake, Travis Scott, Juice Wrld, The Weeknd, and many more in the music industry. 

        His first album, which was released by the hands of Kanye West’s label- G.O.O.D Music,- was called Man on the Moon. It is a storytelling album where the first track of the album is sad and dramatic. When you get to the song called Up, Up, and Away, it tells the story of someone on a journey to find happiness. Some can connect to others after listening to this album overall. As a writer, my favorite songs would be Cudi Zone, Pursuit of Happiness, Day N Nite, Up Up and Away, and Soundtrack to My Life, and I would give this album a 9/10

        The second album, titled Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, touches on the same topic: depression and angsty adolescence. He talks about the demons in him which he cannot get out of his mind and tells similar stories from his first album. When I heard Mr. Rager, I felt like I was in heaven with countless others that were feeling the same as I was, and I felt like I was having a battle mentally with the demons and myself. Overall, I would give this album a 7/10, and my favorite songs are Marijana, Mr.Rager, Erase Me, and Mojo So Dope.    

        These two albums helped launch the new music generation into storm. If Kid Cudi nor Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreaks were not released respectively, we would not have artists like Juice Wrld, The Weeknd, and many more who make a lot of influential music.


Interview with Ms. Song, Vice Principal

Mohannad Al Hashimi, a GCFS Tribune writing staff, conducted an interview with Ms. Song, the Vice Principal of GCFS, regarding the establishment of GCFS Tribune.

GCFS Tribune: What are your thoughts about the GCFS Tribune. After all, it is the first school paper in the history of the school.

Ms. Song: “It's Amazing. I love it. I love that the students took initiatives. When students push forward with their vision or goals that they are striving for, they surpass expectations. When Eugene and Ivan first approached me with the idea of a school newspaper, I certainly had concerns because it is the first try. However, GCFS Tribune has been well-managed by the executives, and I am very proud of what it has achieved so far. I have high expectations for the school paper.”

GCFS Tribune: Aside from news about school, what other areas would you like to see GCFS Tribune focus on?

Ms. Song: “I would like to read about news regarding popular culture and current events in circulation and trend. I believe that such information would be helpful and relevant to our students and family members. I would also love to see fun facts and other news citings that can bring joy and laughter to our community. I believe that the GCFS Tribune will successfully shine light to the cultural aspects of the school and Korea.” 

GCFS Tribune: Do you have any expectations or recommendations regarding the path of the newspaper?

Ms. Song: “The GCFS Tribune will and cannot be a place where we shame or harm the immediate health of the GCFS community. I want it to serve as a beacon to encourage other students to join and become a part of a bigger school community.” 

GCFS Tribune: Lastly, can you please give us a word of encouragement?

Ms. Song: “I think I am talking on behalf of the school when I say that I am looking forward to seeing regular publications that the students can learn from. Since GCFS Tribune is a school paper strictly run by students, I want to wish you all the luck to push forward as a group!”